About us

Who We Are

Ansar Services is an innovative, community-oriented organization proactively engaged in business and economic development activities to consciously enrich community life, within the greater Washington DC area. We are responsive to areas of critical economic, social, and cultural needs, particularly within underserved communities that might not otherwise be addressed, to help ensure and promote on-going community well-being.

A Legacy of Community Service

Ansar Services was originally founded in the early 2000s by a group of individuals with a common interest in both helping and being responsive to various social and institutional needs, within the Washington DC area. During this early period, Ansar was involved in various community Interfaith, multi-cultural, and related fund- raising activities. The group also sponsored various youth-oriented, community outreach activities, such as talent shows and community clean-up events. Over the past several years, the group has become increasingly aware of many increasing needs and challenges within the broader African American, as well as underserved communities, in the greater Washington DC area. This led to a decision to broaden the organization’s focus and interests to help address some of these broader community needs. This process, in turn, has resulted in a new mission, vision and broader range of program activities for the organization.

Our Mission & Focus

Our mission is to strengthen and enhance the well-being of our communities through innovative programs and activities that address the social and economic needs of the communities within the Greater Washington DC area. We are undertaking activities to establish innovative community-oriented efforts to encourage, promote, and nurture small business development and entrepreneurship particularly in underserved communities.


We are actively partnering with other community-based organizations to launch a series of youth-oriented, technology initiatives and provide youth self-leadership training initiatives.  

How We Make a Difference

We are also undertaking initiatives to encourage and support small business development opportunities that provide a foundation for on-going community development and economic growth, particularly in underserved areas in the DMV. This includes initiatives to encourage the development of entrepreneurial skills and effective small business management.


The overall intent of these efforts is to provide a set of complementary services that enhance both the economic life and outlook for people who live within (historically) underserved communities; to develop establish a process for youth development and achievement (to encourage a commitment to community service) and to develop and support community cultural enrichment. This includes the development and support for community-centered forms of positive, artistic self-expression in support of youth and young adults and provide venues for such community-based expression.


We envision that the combination of such activities will enhance the commitment of individuals and families to the well-being of their respective communities; and their willingness to make their own personal “investments” (such as community service) to the sustained, well-being of their respective communities.