Preparing For The Future

A Range of Initiatives

Ansar Services is planning and undertaking a range of initiatives and activities to help prepare our youth, particularly those living in underserved communities, for jobs and careers in the emerging age of automation. Across the US, we are just beginning to witness changes in the many sectors of the economy as a result of increasing automation, as a result of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics. These technologies will have significant impacts on future jobs and employment opportunities, as our children and young adults reach employment age and seek to enter the workforce. These technologies have the potential to significantly enhance business productivity and also will redefine current patterns of work across many industries. The extent of these impacts have been compared to other periods of major economic and social transformation we have seen during the 20th century.

We recognize that these emerging opportunities that can benefit many communities and their residents, including the creation of new businesses and employment opportunities. At the same time, these changes also have the potential to also have a disproportionate adverse impacts on a number of minority communities, given the type of occupations that are likely to be subject to such increasing automation. We look to strengthen our communities through awareness and understanding of such technologies, their potential impacts, and by providing opportunities for our youth to be ready for such opportunities and challenges.