The UC2IT Academy

What the UC2IT® Academy Offers

The UC2IT Academy provides a focused pathway for youth in primarily underserved communities to pursue career and employment opportunities in IT and related fields. The Academy helps these youth to prepare themselves for opportunities in various emerging IT fields that are related to the “Future of Work.” The Academy provides these youth with a supportive learning environment, which includes on-going instruction related to Youth Self- Leadership Development (YSLD) tailored for both teens and young adults. We also provide early-exposure to a range of emerging technologies.


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What Youth Gain through YSLD

YSLD is a highly interactive learning process which follows a well-structured proven curriculum. Our youth gain a thorough understanding of 7 Self-Leadership practices, which includes self- discipline, integrity, discipline, courage, etc. They also receive coaching on how to effectively apply these practices and to develop a positive mindset, attitude, and skills for on-going personal and professional growth.

Preparing Young Adults for the Future of Work

UC2IT works in collaboration with organizations, such as the IBM Corporation, to provide youth with an early-exposure to emerging areas of information technologies. The academy’s interactive on-line, learning process and team collaboration provide youth an opportunity to earn IBM Badges in various technology and related areas, including:

  • Design Thinking
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • + More

Both our formal instruction and informal interactions (e.g., peer mentoring) helps to prepare youth to become well-qualified for entry positions in high demand, technical career fields, without the requirement, necessarily, to obtain a four (4) year degree.

Our process of engagement, encouragement, support, and broad skills development helps to provide a foundation for sustained career success and achievement. This extended process effectively transitions those youth, who acquire self-motivation and related skills, through training, certifications, and career placement – progressing towards long-term career opportunities.

Supporting The UC2IT Academy

Donors and Sponsors

We need your support to make brighter future for the world of tomorrow. Contact us for more information on how you can support the UC2IT Academy and other Ansar Services initiatives.


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