The Urban Center for Community Innovation and Technology

About UC2IT

The Urban Center for Community Innovation and Technology (UC2IT) provides an interactive technology learning environment for youth and young adults, particularly those living in underserved communities. We host and sponsor a range of innovative technology-oriented activities and events designed to be fun and challenging for youth. These events and activities provide an opportunity for youth to explore and learn about a range of evolving technologies, that are having an increasing impact on our lives, and the ways in which we will work and interact in the future.


The overall goal of UC2IT is to provide a well-structured environment in which young men and women are encouraged, supported, and effectively guided as they work to reach their human potential; and become high achieving contributors to their respective professions, communities, and to society.

Our Learning Environment

Our UC2IT learning environment also encompasses our youth self-leadership development process. It includes a coordinated set of programs and initiatives to engage youth; and also enables them to both gain and apply evolving technological understanding skills as part of an adaptive learning environment.

Youth Self-Leadership Development

The youth self-leadership development process provides a well-defined, proven approach of effective engagement that encourages and guides youth towards self-motivation and personal development. It provides a strong foundation for an individual’s personal growth and development. It is focused on the cultivation of the whole person, in terms of their emotional, mental, intellectual well-being and preparedness.

Our Programs

UC2IT programs and activities help youths gain an understanding of the technologies (and underlying processes) that are becoming increasing prevalent in many sectors of the economy. We also feature an innovative, technology platform, which is designed to engage the interest of youth through “hands-on” interactions and team collaborations. This includes:

  • Introduction and exposure to various current uses of information technology and related processes.
  • Providing youth with the opportunity for hands-on, collaborative experiences in design, programming, problem-solving, and teamwork through an interactive Robotics learning environment.
  • Providing exposure to future jobs and career opportunities in emerging technology fields (e.g., Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.)

This early exposure to advancing technologies will give the youth a broad perspective on both potential evolving career opportunities and related academic fields of study.

Our Partners

UC2IT actively collaborates and partners with other community-based organizations to develop and provide innovative and enriching exploration and experiences related to technology and science for our youth. Youth also have the opportunity to interact with minority professionals who are actively working in various technology related occupations and professions.

The UC2IT Academy

The UC2IT Academy provides a focused pathway for youth in primarily underserved communities to pursue career and employment opportunities in IT and related fields. The Academy helps these youth to prepare themselves for opportunities in various emerging IT fields that are related to the “Future of Work.” The Academy provides these youth with a supportive learning environment, which includes on-going instruction related to Youth Self- Leadership Development (YSLD) tailored for both teens and young adults.

For Parents Interested in UC2IT


Contact us for more information on UC2IT activities including our Youth Self-Leadership Development (YSLD) Program, upcoming events, or how your son and/or daughter may participate.

    Need More Info?

    Feel free to contact us for more information on our UC2IT activities, if you are interested in volunteering, or to explore ways in which your organization can collaborate with us. Also, visit us again for more information on our upcoming UC2IT Youth Events to be held in Washington DC later in 2020.