Youth Self-Leadership Development

Youth Development Process

Ansar Services has a well-defined Youth Development Process called PASS (Pathways to Achievement and Sustained Success). A key component is the PASS Youth Self-Leadership training process. It is focused on the cultivation of each individual in terms of their emotional, mental, intellectual well-being and preparedness.

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7 Key Practices

The PASS Youth Self-Leadership Process is comprised of seven (7) defined Key Practices, which include Courage, Self-Discipline, and Integrity. This youth development process achieves the following:


  • Enhances self-awareness and consciousness of one’s innate capacity for positive change and growth.
  • Creates a positive mind-set and attitudes for personal and professional growth.
  • Provides proven methods and support for demonstrating self-development through behaviors.
PASS Process

The overall PASS process also seeks to encourage the development of a strong sense of Community Consciousness on the part of youth participants. In the context of PASS, this is defined as an increasing awareness and understanding of an individual’s personal responsibility to support and enhance community viability and well-being. By going through and completing this overall development process, individuals will be able to:


  • Apply a proven Personal Goal Achievement System.
  • Clarify personal values, vision and life mission.
  • Discover their individual life purpose.
  • Demonstrate persistence and integrity in all activities.
  • Develop self-leadership and personal accountability.
  • Peer mentoring on PASS Self-Leadership Process.