Youth Robotics

Youth Robotics Events and Activities

Ansar Services provides opportunities for youth to become involved in explorations and hands-on interactions with various technologies, including Robotics. These interactions are provided through various activities and events that provide an engaging and fun environment for youth to interact and learn. These robotic activities are structured for multiple age ranges with varying levels of interaction with the technologies. For example, more in-depth information and support (such as exposure to design elements, control logic, and related mechanics) is also available to youth who have demonstrated more interest, given their age and grade level.

Ansar Services, in collaboration with its technology partners, hosts Robotic competitions and tournaments. These are larger scale events that provide an opportunity for youth to work together as a team. These events involve active collaboration among the individuals on the team; and provides an opportunity for them to both develop and apply real-time problem-solving skills. We also provide opportunities for youth who have a particular interest in the area of Advanced Automation the opportunity to become further involved in selected technical topics to further their interest and curiosity.